Skinny blonde fucks to pay the rent


Skinny blonde fucks to pay the rent cum hungry katy rose gets her petite body all warmed up as she works out on the barre, but she allows herself to be distracted by her dance coach ricky rascal.

Ricky loves watching katy work out, but he’s even more into pulling up her miniskirt, peeling aside her thong, and feasting on her greedy bare twat. When katy’s soft gasps of excitement fill the room, ricky takes off his own clothes so that his hot little ballerina can suck him off.After demonstrating her exceptional flexibility, katy gets naked as well. Giving her mouth a break, she climbs onto ricky’s hardon to give him a landing strip ride in her tight twat. Moving her hips in a seductive rhythm, she uses the barre for extra balance while working hard for both of their pleasure.Things get even kinkier when katy gets up on her feet to let ricky fuck her from behind. When he lifts her so that only the barre is helping hold her weight and then slams into her needy snatch, katy can no longer hold back her ecstasy. I

t doesn’t take long to find herself on her back with ricky going to town on her slippery fuck hole as he works himself to the edge. Pulling out at the last moment, he lets katy take aim and skinny blonde fucks to pay the rent then jizzes all over katy’s soft belly.

When tiny teen maddy rose’s dance partner ryan driller meets her for practice, she just can’t control her sexual cravings. After a deep kiss, she slips out of her sheer leotard and then sinks to her knees so that she can wrap her soft warm lips around ryan’s thick cock for a long and deep blowjob that leaves him rock hard and ready to fuck. Maddy isn’t shy about letting ryan know she wants to feel his dick deep in her tight teen pussy. She urges him to the ground and then lowers her tiny body down onto him until she’s riding him with fast flicks of her slender hips.

When she’s getting close to cumming, ryan pulls maddy forward so that she’s sitting on his face with skinny blonde fucks to pay the rent her small pussy in perfect licking position. As soon as her trembling body explodes in ecstasy, she goes right back to riding her man like the perfect stud.Ryan can feel himself getting close, so after getting maddy off one last time with the help of her practice bar, he goes all out in a rough pussy pounding that makes the tiny ballerina shudder from head to toe. Maddy moans her pleasure as she hangs on, letting ryan go as fast as he needs to fill her tight twat with a load of hot cum.

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